Viva Voce / Dancing Recital

Presented by Chinese Arts Association of Melbourne

Monday 16 September 7.30pm

Premium $20 (Row A - F)
Full/Standard $15  (Row G - P)

Maximum 20 tickets per transaction.
* Children under 10 not permitted *

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Concert highlights:

Gloria – by Vivaldi in the Baroque era.  ‘Gloria in Excelsis’ is a hymn of praise to the triune God. Exalting God in high emotion, mind and soul.  ‘Et in terra pax’ - this movement provides dynamic contrast to the previous chorus. The composer’s control of texture, pace, and modulation produce a sincere plea for peace.

Cannon of Praise – this piece represents the Baroque music that Europe began to emerge after the Renaissance.  It is characterised by having the melody beautifully sung by different parts of the choir and appearing one after another likes waves of the sea. 

道成肉身Jesu – Word of God Incarnate – in Cb minor composed by Mozart and arranged by K Jenkins. This music is peaceful and moving as it illustrates the love of God by having Jesus coming down to earth in the body of man to save humankind by dying on the cross. It is regarded as one of the three great Messiah songs that compares to the compositions of Bach and Beethoven.

Benedictus – It is a 13th century style music characterised by motet and plainchant arranged by K Jenkins It delivers the message of ‘Blessed be he who comes in the name of the Lord’. This piece is accompanied by cello that sooths the souls of the audience.

Chinese Dances - the Melbourne Art Association will perform a few traditional Chinese dances.  It celebrates the 70th anniversary for the National Day for China.  An expression for the love of beauty for life.

Please note the following event conditions / instructions.

No alcohol permitted in theatre.  / 剧院不允许饮酒。
No photography or recording permitted. / 许摄影或录制。
No ticket, no entry. / 没有門票,不许进入。
Please wait for ushers for seating.  / 请由接待員指示坐位。
Observe safety rules.  / 请遵守安全规则

For more information, phone the Box Office on 9262 6555 or email

 - Concession ticket pricing is not available for this performance.
 - Maximum 20 tickets per transaction. 
 - Please contact the Box Office for if you require a wheelchair or companion space/seat.
 - Children under 10 not permitted. 
 - Booking fees: $3.00 via online, $4.00 via phone. No fee via Box Office counter 
 - Fee’s apply per transaction (not per ticket)
 - NO SEAT EXCHANGE OR REFUND on confirmed purchases.

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